How to Embed YouTube Videos on Websites for Free

How to Embed YouTube Videos on Your Website

An essential tactic for marketers is to embed YouTube videos on websites, which enables them to reach YouTube’s enormous audience and leverage its sway. GistFella has researched the best way to embed YouTube videos on your page.

With a user base exceeding 2 billion, brands have the opportunity to effectively connect with a diverse audience by presenting their products and services in captivating videos, taking advantage of the increasing popularity of video content.

embedding YouTube videos on websites provides a valuable benefit: the ability to target particular audiences using YouTube’s search and recommendation functionalities. Both brands and users put considerable effort into producing valuable videos, and harnessing them effectively is vital to unlocking their full potential.

What is Embedding a YouTube Video?

“Embed YouTube Videos” is the process of adding a YouTube video to a website or webpage. It entails displaying the UGC video content right on the website using HTML code or a specialized embedding tool so that users may view it without leaving the site.

This approach enables website owners to share YouTube video content on their platforms while delivering a fluid viewing experience. By allowing seamless access to video material without interruptions or additional clicks, it improves the user experience.

Additionally, it adds dynamic multimedia to your website, engages users, and conveys your message in a more engaging and attractive way.

Easy Ways To Embed YouTube Video On Your Website

It is incredibly simple to embed YouTube videos on a website with Taggbox because it is a user-friendly solution that doesn’t require coding knowledge. Adding a YouTube video to your website only takes three simple steps, regardless of your technical knowledge or coding prowess.

Step 1: Create a YouTube Video Widget

  • Sign in or create an account on Taggbox Widget.

Embed YouTube videos on website

  • Your Widget Dashboard will be opened. On the dashboard, select “Add Social Feeds” to add YouTube videos to your widget.
  • add YT videosChoose YouTube for given feeds in the “Pick a Source” pop-up.

add YouTube videos to website

  • The message “Create YouTube Feed” will pop up once more. There are four ways to combine YouTube video feeds right here. To begin adding YouTube feeds, pick one of these based on your needs:
  1. create YouTube feedChannel URL: Enter the YouTube channel URL to gather feeds and videos from a specific channel.
  2. Shorts: Copy and paste the URL of your YouTube channel from where you want to embed YouTube shorts.
  3. Playlist: Enter the YouTube playlist ID to fetch videos from a playlist.
  4. Keywords: Enter relevant keywords in the provided space to fetch YouTube videos based on those keywords.
  5. Location: Fill in the necessary details to create a feed and fetch YouTube videos based on specific locations.

Step 2: Customize YouTube Video Feed (Optional)

  • Choose your desired aggregate method and provide the required information. To finish the aggregation process, click the “Create Feed” button. The postings will then display on the Widget Editor after a little delay.
  • You can now completely personalize your widget in the following step! matching your topic, utilizing your brand’s colors, or any other creative idea you may have. You can only keep the stuff you want by using Taggbox to filter out the rest.

It’s time to modify your feed at this point. matching your topic, utilizing your brand’s colors, or any other creative idea you may have. You can only keep the stuff you want by using Taggbox to filter out the rest.

Step 3: Generate YouTube Video Embedding Code

  • On the bottom left of the screen, click the “PUBLISH” button. You can also see a sample of how your feeds will appear on various screens.
  • You’ll see a pop-up window with the title “Choose Your Platform.”

Step 4: Embed YouTube Widget On Your Website

  • As soon as you’re done, click “Get Code” to quickly copy the embed code to your clipboard.
  • Additionally, you can alter the widget’s width and height to suit the look you want for your website.


In conclusion, embedding YouTube videos into websites offers numerous advantages for brands. It grants access to YouTube’s extensive audience and influential power, enabling brands to exhibit their products and services through captivating videos.

By seamlessly integrating relevant videos into their websites, brands can optimize visibility and establish connections with their desired customer base.

The embedding of YouTube videos enhances the user experience by delivering messages in a visually appealing manner, while also providing options for customization and filtering. This approach proves invaluable in driving traffic, improving rankings, and appealing to a broader audience.


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