6 Best Coworking Spaces in Toronto 2024

If you are looking for the best coworking spaces in Toronto, check out this tip pointing you in the right direction. Read further to see some of the coolest shared office spaces you can find.

Are you looking for the best coworking spaces in Toronto Canada? This article from GistFella will help you narrow down your search. We will examine the best coworking spaces in Toronto and their perks.

Toronto is not only the biggest city in Canada, but it also contributes the most to the economy, accounting for 20% of the country’s GDP (GDP). The city’s significance as the commercial and economic center of the nation needs no further explanation.

Perhaps you’re looking for a place to encourage teamwork and offer startup talent in Toronto’s networking possibilities. You may also require a coworking space that is up-to-date, quiet, and optimized for efficiency.

Each coworking space provides something different, and every organization has a different set of particular demands. Check out these 10 locations to make the most of your workday whether you’re working remotely for the first time or simply want a change of scenery.

6 Best Coworking Spaces in Toronto

East Room

East Room Coworking Spaces in Toronto

East Room was established in 2014 to offer more than just a space to work. For professionals who need to concentrate on their work, they provide a variety of workplace solutions. They offer a variety of amenities, such as private desks, designated desks, club areas, refrigerator and coffee maker access in each room, and mailboxes.

The membership-based co-working company wants to keep its members engaged when they’re balancing obligations outside of the office by providing them with social opportunities like networking events and coffee conversations in addition to business services.

Address: 50 Carroll Street, Toronto, Ontario, M4M 3G3
Contact information: +1 416-628-5333
Email: info@eastroom.com
Website: https://eastroom.com/

Project Spaces King West

Project Spaces Coworking Spaces in Toronto

Freelancers and entrepreneurs can find inspiration in Project Spaces King West without taking up valuable space or shelling out exorbitant rent costs each month. Since 2011, their open-concept workspaces have been the home to badass enterprises all around town. From corporate headquarters to creative agency and everything in between!

To make employees feel like they are a part of the company’s culture, they provide a designated desk, lounge, and community. Additionally, they feature virtual offices, allowing you to conduct business from home or arrange meetings in person as needed.

They provide some of the most reasonable desk rates in Toronto. All they require is a two-month commitment, after which it is entirely up to you if you want to explore other opportunities or not.

Address: 73 Bathurst St 4th Floor, Toronto, ON M5V 2P6, Canada
Contact information: +1 416-304-9014
Website: https://projectspac.es/


The fact that Forbes listed Northspace as one of the “10 Best Coworking Spaces On Earth” is also noteworthy. Entrepreneurs and creative folks will adore Northspace. Here, coworking members can rely on 24-hour access, a safe environment, steady WiFi, limitless coffee, and more. Customers couldn’t help but adore the friendly atmosphere, the concerned community, and the attentive personnel.

Address: 15 Gervais Dr., Suite 700, Toronto, ON
Contact information: +1 416-398-2112
Email: info@northspace.ca
Website: http://northspace.ca/

Acme Works

In their coworking spaces, Acme Works welcomes entrepreneurs, creatives, and professionals of all disciplines. It’s also a dog-friendly location, so feel free to bring your canine companion.

In contrast to other coworking spaces in Toronto, Acme Works offers a range of membership plans to suit your requirements and the setting you like. Their contemporary hackerspace is unlike any other. It features an open floor plan and a separate office for individuals who require more privacy or social time while working on specific projects.

Being an Acme member offers access to various entertaining activities, like beer Fridays, board games, ping pong, rooftop BBQs, and more. In a nutshell, Acme Works is a location that promotes productivity and creativity while letting you have fun.

Address: 229 Niagara Street, Toronto, ON M6J 2L5
Contact information: +1 416-479-4458
Email: info@acmeworks.ca
Website: http://acmeworks.ca/

Workhaus Commerce Court

Workhaus Commerce Court is an ideal venue to grab lunch with coworkers, clients, or teammates while you work. They offer a range of office choices for companies of all sizes. Their corporate packages cover virtual offices, private offices, hot desks, and dedicated workstations.

They also offer the ideal meeting area to hold your upcoming event effectively. The Staffs are very Friendly. Workhaus provides excellent networking opportunities with business owners and employees. They are dedicated to fostering an environment where everyone feels comfortable working hard during their all-day sessions.

Address: 30 Wellington St W 5th Floor, Toronto, ON M5L 1E2, Canada
Contact information: +141-691-7392
Email: hello@workhaus.ca
Website: http://workhaus.ca/

Verkspace Coworking

Verkspace coworking is located in a former garment factory on the west side. The structure has a cafe on the ground floor, windows in almost all of the offices, and a bicycle facility with storage and private shower rooms.

You’ll feel right at home the moment you arrive thanks to a stunning front foyer that is elegantly decorated and incredibly friendly. The industrial loft-like atmosphere created by the high concrete ceilings with contemporary furnishings will suit whatever kind of work you need.

Verkspace draws its inspiration from the Scandinavian way of life, where a workplace where everyone thrives is achieved by juggling hard work with enthusiasm, a sense of community, and a connection to the environment.

Address: 410 Adelaide Street West, Suite 220, Toronto, ON M5V 1S8, Canada
Contact information: +1-416-304-9612
Email: 410adelaide@verkspace.ca
Website: https://verk.space/410-adelaide/

Final Thoughts

These coworking spaces in Toronto listed above are some of the best if you need to feel a different work environment. Everyone can find a place to call home here, from downtown areas to more economical homes. Check out one of these places now if you’re interested in coworking as a means to leave your home office and meet new people.


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