Stress: 10 Creative ways to deal with Stress


Mehn!!!!! Stress is stressful.

Stress is the body’s reaction to pressure. When it comes, you feel so overwhelmed, sometimes choked, and tired. Different emotions that often, cannot be described. Above all, you just want an escape. A break from everything; and you know the most annoying thing? Sometimes, it is hard to actually pinpoint the source. If you can figure out the exact thing that is causing you stress at that point, you’re one of the few lucky ones.

The list of possible causes of stress is endless. It is also dynamic as what triggers stress in A might be totally different from what triggers B. However, here are some examples of things that can cause stress: worrying too much about a situation, trying to make a big decision, too much effort into an activity, not getting desired results in a task, etc.

It comes in different forms: mental, emotional, and physical.

Sometimes, one incident can trigger all the forms as they are usually interconnected. One example could be a toxic work environment. A person works for several hours in a toxic place without enough rest, and physical and mental stress kicks in. Lack of work/life balance could lead to emotional stress, which could lead to depression.

In whatever form it comes, a common thing is that everybody gets stressed, and when they do, they look for ways to unwind and feel better. Relieving stress is very important and one of the leading causes of depression in recent times in stress.

Creative ways to relieve stress:

1. Take a break from the source of stress:

First thing first, take a break. Step away!! Step back!! If it is during work hours, take a walk to the restroom. When possible, ask for some time off. If the trigger is from the internet, turn off your devices for a while. Whatever the trigger is, take a break. No matter how short. Those few minutes breaks can provide the clarity needed to tackle the issue.

2. Healthy dose of sleep:

Sleep!!! During the time spent sleeping, all parts of the body get to rest and recharge. 8 hours of sleep has been recommended for adults and 10-12 hours of sleep for kids. Where it is impossible to get long hours of sleep, a nap can suffice. Sleep provides not only rest but also an escape from stress.

3. Regular Exercise:

Exercising releases hormones known as endorphins which trigger a happy feeling. It reduces pain and stress. There are different forms of exercising: swimming, jogging, cycling, climbing, dancing, etc. A personal favorite is dancing; goofy dancing to be precise. It is even easier and more fun if done in front of a mirror. Let out all the terrible dance steps in you, watch yourself in the mirror and it might make you laugh.

4. Laugh that stress off:

Laughter is a positive medicine. A good dose of genuine laughter that causes tears is a good way to ease stress. Goofy dancing in front of a mirror is not the only way to laugh. Watching funny videos, funny podcasts, making jokes, and comedy shows are good sources of laughter. And when that laughter comes, don’t hold it back, let it all out.

5. See a movie:

A movie is a great way to relieve stress. It takes your mind off the stress for the period and engages your mind in other activities. Different genres of movies evoke different emotions and reactions. Some might cause you to laugh, dance, sing, etc. These activities and emotions can help you feel better.

6. Learning new activities:

The thrill of learning something new causes excitement which helps to relieve stress. New fun activities could include hiking, painting, writing, etc. The effort and commitment required to learn these things could be the medicine you need.

7. Yoga:

Yoga is a very common way to relieve stress. It is solely for meditation and requires an individual to be quiet and calm as they maintain a posture. Yoga has gone beyond sitting on a yoga mat with legs crossed underneath, and hands raised slightly in meditation. There are various yoga styles and postures which could also serve as a form of physical exercise.

8. Spend time with loved ones:

Spending time with loved ones can ease stress. The conversations, the games, the laughter shared, the thrills, hugs, memories recreated and shared, advice, etc., goes a long way in making things better.

9. Listen to music:

Music has been known to speak to the soul. People love different songs for different reasons. It could be because of the lyrics, the beat, and the memory attached to the song. There are also preferences on how a song should be played. Either with a headset or with speakers. Whichever works for you, a good playlist of your favorite songs could do the magic.

10. A soothing massage:

Whether you are sitting on a massage chair or employing the services of a masseuse, a massage is fun and can help relieve stress. It eases the joints and makes the body feel lighter. Sometimes, a massage causes sleep; and studies have shown that people sleep better after a massage.

Stress is an unending journey; it can be triggered at any time. Making a habit of the 10 creative ways to relieve stress, listed above, can go a very long way to keep stress levels at the barest minimum.


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