Coming From Insanity: How to make money

After watching Coming from Insanity on Netflix, I wondered, should the title have been “Coming from insanity” or “How to make money”? The title is in line either way because making money is a way out of insanity. Or does money make one insane?

Because looking at Kossi (played by Gabriel Afolayan), I don’t know if the money took him out of insanity or took him into insanity. Or maybe the money propelled him to a different level of insanity. But yea, Kossi had to be insane to do what he did to make money. He was even insane when he was broke.


So let me give you the gist of the movie: Kossi is a young boy who was trafficked from Togo into Lagos at a very young age. He was brought in to serve as a domestic help to a family living in Lagos. Miles away from his real family, years away from his family, he served his master in Lagos from his teenage years, till he became an adult. For 15 years!!!! He served them for 15 good years. And one day, he just decided that he needed to make money. And boy oh boy, he did make the money. He literally made money; stacks and bags of money.

I’m not going to discuss his style of making money or recommend it to anyone. But watching the movie, Coming from Insanity, I got some valuable tips that can be applied in real life to make money, whether online or offline. I will share some with you:

1. Networking:

Regardless of your social class, have a good network. Within your network and outside your network. Kossi was a house boy, but he had a solid network. He networked with the cook nearby, the factory worker. He also had someone outside his social circle. Oyin. These people played a very vital part in his success. Their input might not be considered a big deal, but he wouldn’t have made it without them. Just imagine how his life would have turned out if he didn’t have access to the information and contact Oyin provided him with. Or if he did not discover the power of Oyin’s spray gel. I would bet my last card that his grand idea would have been an idea forever if he was not close enough to Oyin to watch her use a spray gel.

2. Be daring:

Like!!!!!!! Kossi has mind sha. You walked into a place, saw someone being punished for what you intend to do, and you do yours anyway. Someone like me would have carried my slippers in my hands and disappeared. Never to be seen in that space again. Never again. But Kossi stood, and that was the beginning of his big break.

So yea, sometimes, a little extra confidence is needed to get that big break.

3. Take Action:

See, nothing can happen if you don’t take action. No matter what you learn about how to make money, if you don’t take action, the story will remain the same until you take action. If you take that course, learn that skill, and still don’t take any action, the story won’t change. Kossi planned to leave when he was a teenager. 15 years later, as an adult, he was still there. Still nurturing the plan to leave. Kept talking, without action. He kept nurturing plans to leave until he was forced to leave by circumstances beyond his control. I wonder if he would have left or worked harder on his business idea if he was not forced to leave his not-so-comfortable ‘comfort zone.

Thankfully, he already had a Plan B cooking somewhere.

4. Have a Plan B:

Don’t be too comfortable and relaxed in your comfort zone. Don’t just sit and be chill because it’s still comfortable, make plans, make moves. Always be one step ahead. In your workplace, don’t wait to get fired before you start making plans. Even in business, have a backup plan. Things could change at any time; a new government policy, new management, a competitor, new trends, anything could just happen at any time. Be prepared.

Even when his ‘grand idea’ was becoming too difficult to actualize, he was open and willing to try other means of making money.

Imagine if Kossi had waited for his fate to be decided before he started making plans. Just imagine!!!! The fact that he had already made plans helped him survive what would have been a terrible shock.

‘The 10% entrepreneur’, a book by Patrick James McGinnis gives more insight on how people with 9-5 jobs can have a Plan B without leaving their jobs. You should read it.

5. Be knowledgeable:

To make money, you have to know something. Have a skill, have value, even if it’s an idea. Kossi was able to conceive, hatch and develop his idea because he knew his way around computers. Even though he wasn’t perfect, even though his skills were not at a genius level, he kept trying till he got it. His being able to get the basis on his own, saved him the cost and risk of having to meet graphics designers, who would have blown his cover before the idea started yielding results, or even stolen the idea.

What you know does not have to be perfect. There should be a willingness to learn more and keep practicing until you get it. Like Kossi said “They say practice makes perfect, but this is a lie. Practice makes good, only obsession makes perfect.”

6. Be Teachable:

If you don’t know, something, be willing to learn from someone else. Let yourself be teachable. Be open-minded, and willing to accept new ideas. Be willing to learn from more experienced people in your chosen field. It can help you avoid mistakes.

It can also help to prevent backhand slaps. Muhtar could have avoided the backhand slap he got if he just humbled himself and let others teach him. But no, he said, “don’t teach me nothing. I know what to do”. Guess who got a smack on the face that left him dizzy? You guessed right. Muhtar of course.

7. Research:

In our world today, the internet has placed information at our fingertips. Do your research. If a concept is confusing to you, Google it. If you need ideas, Google them. You might just get your answer/idea from the search results. Either from something said, implied, or something you feel should have been said.

Kossi’s idea began by typing “how to make money” on Google like you probably did. He did and found a story that gave him the idea that he developed. He also did lots of research in his quest to perfect his idea. And boy, his research sure paid off, because he perfected it and made enough money that enabled him casually say, “I might even have enough to buy a small plane”. Oga, it’s charter they suggested to you ooooo.

Stray Bullets

Lagos agents caught a stray bullet. Someone will be looking for a house, you will be showing them rubbish. They deserve it because they are not okay like that.

And oooooo!!!! Femis’ caught a stray bullet. How can your woman be showing you a used condom on the ground in your room and you say you don’t have your glasses on? You don’t even use glasses, sir. In another case, Femi was caught with a woman, and he pulled out the ‘You’re gonna believe your eyes over me’ line. The sub was well well deserved.


  • “Opportunity meets the prepared man” ~Kossi: Opportunity knocks but once, you just have to be ready to receive it when it knocks.
  • “We didn’t miss any flight. That’s not my flight”~ Kossi: And truly, when it was the right time, they got on their flight. They didn’t miss it. Sometimes, we worry when we see the plane we ‘think’ are supposed to be on takeoff. But are we meant to be on that plane?? Think about it… We try different things and put in the effort to make sure we get on the plane. I mean, it could be the wrong plane.
  • “Sometimes where you live determines if you live” ~Kossi
  • Aim for perfection. All it takes is just one simple mistake for the ship to wreck. Just one~ Kossi
  • “Choose your own style. Don’t look like anybody because you are at your best when you are yourself”~Kossi

To wrap this up

Overall, the movie explores other themes like trafficking, love, loyalty, and many more.

One comic part that got to me, was when they told one person to resign. Baba agreed on the spot, and the other person that did not even have work resigned. Baba resigned from looking for a job. I love that energy!!!!!!!

I like the attention paid to Kossi’s dressing. Even with all his money, he still couldn’t pick out the right outfit. Always wearing expensive but poorly matched outfits. Shiny clothes, pattern on check, any poor fashion choice you can think of, Kossi is there.

But one of the things that will keep me up at night whenever I think of this movie, is why she accepted the ring. Was it because of love?? Or to save the situation?? I really don’t know mehn, and this is going to keep me up at night.


  1. Very well analyzed my dear. Though his line of biz is bad but you got the point well outlined. On the side when is the next episode of lovestruck coming. It’s kinda taking too long though

    • Thank you…. I don’t support his line of business, but his attitude can be transferred to making something legit.

      Regarding Lovestruck, forgive my inconsistency. One or maybe two episodes will be uploaded tomorrow. Thanks for following


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