Telling your Brand Story

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So the sequel of King of Boys is out. The story was so grand that they couldn’t/didn’t give it to us as a 2/3 hours movie. It came as 7 amazing episodes. And yes, with the way it ended, we are expecting a continuation.

I, like many others who have seen the movie was rooting for Eniola Salami. We felt her aspirations. Her joy and pain we shared with her. Victory for her meant victory for us.

But why??? Why her??

Did the writers ask us to??

She is not the only one with goals, aspirations, and emotions in the movie. There were many others with a good cause we could cheer and support.

So why Eniola Salami? Why the Oba? It’s not like she is a saint. It’s not like she didn’t deserve some of the things happening to her. So why are people empathizing with her?

It’s because we know her story!!!!!!

We followed her story from when she ran away from an abusive home, ended up in a brothel, learned basic English, secured her position as the King of boys, and an unsuccessful attempt to be the governor. We saw how she was cheated and framed.

Her story was clear. Her goal was clear. And I like many others was emotionally committed to seeing her achieve her goals. Every other thing felt like an obstacle. And we wanted it out of her way, so she can flourish.

They never introduced her as a hero or one we should support. But they sold her to us indirectly, through her story.

A story that made viewers create excuses for her actions. A story that had us forgiving her wrongs moves and understanding why she had to do certain things. Things we’d probably condemn others for doing, even in the same movie.

Makanaki could have easily been the hero if we knew his story and it was better than Oba’s own. But we don’t know his story. He is a strong brand, but we don’t really know him.
We condemned him for his actions and just considered him as one of the obstacles in Oba’s way.

What if we knew his story? We probably would have been more understanding of his actions. Or don’t you think so??

Think of other movies you have seen. Why do you think you are drawn to and emotionally invested in one character?

Looking at the above instances, have you seen the importance of a brand story??

Fuel stations in Nigeria sell the same fuel, but people still have preferences. Why do you think that is??

As a business/brand, what is your story? Is it something your customers can relate to??

And unlike the movie world, whatever story you tell as a brand should make the customer the hero. The story of your product/service should be told in a way that makes your customer the hero. Your product should be packaged as a guide that leads them to achieve their hero status.

A good example of such a brand story I have noticed in recent times is the ‘abeg’ ad that airs on the Big brother station. Have you noticed the ad?

I love it so much, and I memorized some lines from it. (The words might not be 100% accurate)

“It’s more than just give away. It’s food in a belly that would have been hungry.
It’s saving a life from ending even before it begins……… For the receiver its dignity in gratitude. So abeg, make someone happy with cash.”

Did you notice that they didn’t tell us about the features and great UI/UX of the app? Did you notice they didn’t tell us how experienced software engineers designed the app?? That would have made them the hero.

But instead, they made the giver and the receiver the heroes and made their product the guide/link to attaining their hero status.

Another case I can reference is the Airtel “Invisible girl” ad.

There are many more like this. Have you noticed any? I look forward to seeing brand stories like this.

Let me know in the comment section if you have noticed and brand/product story that makes the customer the hero.


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