Digital marketing: A beginners guide

Contrary to popular belief, the knowledge of digital marketing is not reserved for only people that want to sell a service or product online.
Everybody should have knowledge of digital marketing.
The reason lies in your answer to these questions:
  • Ever searched for a product online and hours later you start seeing ads on that product everywhere?
  • Do you have content posted anywhere on the internet that you want to be seen by others?
  • Do you need to search for information or verify information on the internet?
Did I just hear you say yes to these three questions? Then you need to know how the digital space works.
So I ask again, who needs to know about digital marketing? Everyone, especially you!! Yes, you reading this on the internet. You who own a smartphone. You that search for information on the internet.

Who should learn digital marketing

Which group of people MUST know about digital marketing and implement the teachings?
  • People with a business online (E-commerce, digital entrepreneurs)
  • People that create content online (content creators)
  • Everyone that searches for information online (students, research enthusiasts, football lovers, music lovers, in fact, everyone that has a need to verify facts online)
  • Anybody that wants to be visible on the internet
  • Everyone buys from the internet. (And before you move away, and say you are not buying from the internet, let me reveal to you that you clicking on a link on the internet, your presence online, clicking to read more on that article is you already starting your buying journey.)

Does knowledge of digital marketing affect the way people consume content?

Understanding digital marketing can affect the way you consume and create content.
So let me summarize the concept of digital marketing to you with an illustration.
So Cindy and her friends are having a heated argument about the richest musician in Nigeria. They do a quick Google search and see lots of articles on Google, take a quick scan through the first 3 articles, and from that ‘small snippet’, they pick one that looks like it will have the answer, open it, read it and end the argument because ‘Google said it’s XYZ’.
None of them bother to look beyond the first 5. They do not also check the remaining 10-20 pages of information that appear (Oh!!! You didn’t know Google results have more than one page?? Well now you know).
They pick one read the content and agree that XYZ is the richest musician. The argument ends because ‘Google said’. That was not Google dear. Google didn’t say anything.
Google did not create that content. In fact, Google does not even own up to 10% of the content we consume online.

How contents qualify to appear in search results

But how did that information get there??
I will tell you.
Oz in Aba who has never even seen any musicians’ account balance, sat in her house wrote these things in the right words. Words she knew Cindy and co will search with. These words are called keywords.
She created content around it. Ensured her SEO was okay, and it ranked on the first page.
It being on the first page doesn’t make it 100% right. It just means the content creator made the content with you (the target audience) in mind and that content best matches your search.
To begin your journey in digital marketing, I will recommend this FREE course by Google.
It was the first course I took to quench my digital marketing curiosity. You do not have to pay a dime. It’s totally FREE.
It’s a 40-hour course, with 26 modules that have both video and written resources. (You can learn with any you prefer). I particularly like the video, though. It has lots of animations and illustration that helps information stick to your brain.
So many resources were invested in that video, but they made it FREE. Because they want their users to be enlightened.
Here, you can start the course now.

Types of Digital Marketing

So digital marketing has different types. Most of which you have probably come across as you sojourn through the internet.
Most are very broad and have loads of articles, courses, and books on them. But I will just explain them in the simplest terms possible.

1. Email marketing:

So you know when you’re trying to visit some sites and they ask you to register with your email, and from there you start receiving emails from them about their latest offers and promotions?? That’s email marketing. Some of these emails do not try to sell anything to you, they just give tips on how to use certain products and services. Have you seen any like that? Then you have also seen content marketing.

2. Content marketing:

Have you ever read an article from a brand and it seems like they are sharing lots of tips for free? Especially if it feels like they are teaching you the hidden secrets of their brand. That’s content marketing.

3. Influencer marketing:

Another common type of digital marketing is influencer marketing. Using popular people or authority in a field or people with a large following to talk about a product. Oftentimes, influencer marketing is combined with affiliate marketing.

4. Affiliate Marketing:

This is a form of digital marketing where a person (the affiliate) refers a brand’s products to possible buyers using a unique link.
5. Social media marketing: This involves the use of social media to advertise/promote products and services.
All these types mentioned above do not stand alone and can be combined to achieve results.


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