There are many blog posts online on how to sell; how to start selling, types of selling, and many other tips to selling.

But I am going to approach it from a more relatable angle. Discussing the basic things you need to note to help you sell.

First things first, be aware and admit to yourself that you’re selling something. If you keep denying that fact, you are doing yourself a disfavour.

This awareness is what gives you the right mindset to actually do things right.

Now here is how to start selling!!!

1. Identify a want/need/problem:

Before you start selling, you have to identify the vacuum that needs to be filled. It doesn’t matter if the market has figured out this need. Making them realize that they have a problem/need, is also part of your job.

The need doesn’t have to be about you. You are not selling it to yourself. It should be something that interests a larger group of people (the larger the group, the larger your customer base.) This group can be referred to as the target audience

In the market, you discover something missing in how things are done. Think of a way to solve the problems, create a solution.

2. Think of a solution that can solve that problem:

Now that you have identified the problem, think of a solution. Uber/Bolt was the solution to a problem.

The solution could be an e-book, a blog post, a new video, a new product, etc.

You don’t even have to create the solution yourself, you can get a good solution through research. Checking through shopping sites with suitable keywords,

For instance, I have this deep feeling that there is a technology out there that can slice Ugu by just turning or pushing a button. But I feel too lazy to do extensive research. Some other people may have this thought too. Because true-true, that thing is stressful.

3. Create awareness on the solution; Inform your target audience

Now you have gotten the product/ discovered the solution, you have to tell people what you discovered.

You announce to them that the solution to that problem has been found. Sometimes, it could be that the solution is already in existence, but people just did not know it could be used for various purposes. It could be that blenders can also slice Ugu, but because the world is unaware of this fact, we use it for everything except Ugu.

Informing them gets them to know what they have been missing out on and create a longing in them. In this digital world, and if you’re trying to sell online, one effective way to do this is through copywriting

Bonus Tip

If you can, keep reminding them of that awesome thing you have discovered.

These are three basic things to consider when selling. If you can adopt these three methods in your activities, you’re already selling.

So as a bobo that is trying to toast his crush, maybe you will first know her love language, and be dropping hints that you’re fluent in it. Let her know, let her see, and you just might be in for a lucky thrill. (If her love language is receiving gifts, I wish you and your account balance well…… But a wise man once said, if skin no full, no put body.) And also note that you might not be the only salesman in her life, there might be other salesmen, who will outsell you.

As an applicant trying to get employed. You identify their need through the job description, think of possible solutions and inform them on your CV. If you get to the interview stage, it’s basically the same process, but this time orally. And you might not get the job not because you did not sell, but because there was a better salesperson.

So, my people, I want to point out something. Even if you know how to sell, people might not buy what you sell. Not because they don’t need it, but because there was a better salesperson. This however should not deter you from selling. Start regardless, with time, you will get better.

Usain Bolt was not the fastest man when he ran his first race. But he would never have been the fastest man if he never ran. Until I see you next time, stay jiggy, stay selling.

Yours Usain bolt inspired
Feli Nwa.



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